Passive Note Platform

Invest in real estate - without the hassle or expense of managing the property!

Investing in residential real estate as the lender means you get a personal guarantee of payment from a credit worthy borrower instead of signing one yourself!


Your investment in a real estate backed note is protected by the equity in the property along with the wealth and income of the underlying borrower.  


Aloha Capital makes it easy to invest in high yield notes collateralized by real estate.


We do all of the heavy lifting, so that you can be a truly passive real estate investor. We identifying, underwrite, originate, service and oversee each loan offered to our passive note investors.




Project Type & Feasibility

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Guarantor Experience & Financial Stability

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Property Valuation & Rental Income

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Strength of Exit Strategy

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Investing in Real Estate as the lender means you get a personal guarantee of payment instead of signing one!

Kevin Hill

I love that I get to select the underlying investment property, borrower and project type. Earning double digit annual return and receiving monthly interest income directly into my bank account is amazing!

Steve Sapourn

I am an emergency department physician and have been invested with Aloha since they were established. The interest income I earn has given me the opportunity to work less shifts that I have in the past.

Randy Bensen



Passive note investing is what we provide to our investors. As a lender, we invest money into an asset with the expectation of generating income. It’s a passive investment because the lender’s time is not required to manage or operate that real estate asset. The asset (like a distressed home) is backed by a note and a first-position lien.

On the flip side, active real estate investing, means investing both capital and time into an asset to generate income, such as being a landlord or rehabbing a home. Active real estate investors are responsible for finding the properties, getting financing, overseeing renovations, and/or managing tenants.

  1. Select a note to invest in and notify our Investor Relations team.
  2. We send a due diligence package along with the Loan Purchase & Servicing Agreement via DocuSign to you.
    You wire in the loan amount & we provide an Assignment & Allonge.

The interest rate and expected monthly interest amount payable on the note is listed for each note on the Aloha Passive Note Platform



Aloha services the loan on your behalf and delivers monthly interest payments into your bank account by the 25th of the month. Ex: January interest is due from the borrower on February 1st, and paid to the investor by or before February 25th. 

The note you choose shows the length and maturity date. Most of the notes presented on the Aloha Passive Note Platform are 6 months or 12 months in duration. 

The notes do not have a pre-payment penalty, so the borrower could pay them off early. 

In some cases, the borrower may be unable to finish the property in the allotted term length. For this situation, Aloha Capital, as servicer, provides an optional 3-month extension, approved only if the project is advancing at a satisfactory pace. The extension corresponds with an additional fee to be shared on a pro-rata basis with you, the note investor.

We are currently selling whole notes, of various size, ranging from $50K to $500K. 

Starting in April 2023, we will be offering fractional ownership of notes with a minimum $25K investment.

We prefer that investors acquiring whole or passive notes from the Aloha Passive Note Platform be accredited. 

Like any investment, there are risks involved with investing in real estate notes. There are also mitigating factors to help mitigate the downside risks.

For example, the market value of the property could be decreasing.  Our loans are short-term in nature (6-12 months), which reduce the likelihood that a significant value decrease will occur while the note is outstanding.  In addition, we underwrite the borrowers profit upon sale as well as the cash flow of the property if the borrower wants or needs to hold it as a rental.  

Prior to investing, you should fully diligence each deal,  as well as consult your investment, tax and legal advisors prior to investing. Additional risks for each deal will be outlined with the Offering Materials.

No. We currently do not offer a secondary market for selling notes you have purchased.