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Ed Peugh (“Pew”) began his investment journey while still on Active duty in the Marine Corps in 2005. Since that time Ed has experienced a variety of market cycles and also a variety of project scopes and strategies, from short-term and long-term rentals (single-family and Multi-family), fix/flips wholesaling, creative and consulting deals.  He has sat in every seat at the table from Buyer, Seller, Lender, to Landlord and Tenant.

Ed’s approach has been consistent in the no-nonsense-based approach that seeks returns in parallel with solving difficult problems with empathy for individuals and families facing challenging situations.  This approach allows for an analytical approach that can point to opportunities that might be missed by others. To focus on this approach Ed with his partner Michael Fichman stood up CLTBuyers in 2019.

The CLTBuyers team is one of the Varsity teams in the Charlotte Metro, and regularly offers guidance and suggestions for others to improve their performance and ultimately their returns for a variety of products.

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Fix & Flip – Concord, NC

>$100K Remaining

Fix & Flip – Concord, NC

Note Size: $405,000
Maturity Date: 05/29/2024
2,761 SqFt
Whole Note Yield: 12%
Partial Note Yield: 11.5%