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Bridge – Louden, TN (Subordinate)

<$100K Remaining

Bridge – Louden, TN (Subordinate)

Note Size: $100,000
Maturity Date: 09/01/2024

This is a short-term bridge loan on a recently remodeled home on a private cul de sac in the heart of Tellico Village with lake views. The borrower is currently short-term renting the property and has it listed at $600K and is pending sale to another investor. This is a subordinate tranche of $100,000.00 […]

2,444 SqFt
Whole Note Yield: 11%
Partial Note Yield: 11.0%
Development – Denver, CO

<$50K Remaining

Development – Denver, CO

Note Size: $346,000
Maturity Date: 09/29/2024

This is a b piece (1st loss) position of a senior loan on a new development in Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, CO. The loan is on a two townhome development being built in Cherry Creek neighborhood (between Cheeseman Park and Cherry Creek CC). The loan includes a personal guarantee from a sponsor with significant […]

2,448 SqFt
Whole Note Yield: 14.0%
Partial Note Yield: 14.0%